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Tom Kimmerer, Ph.D.
Author and Chief Scientist, Venerable Trees

September 7, 2016

"Lexington's Urban Forest: Remnants of an Ancient Landscape"

Description of the talk:
Lexington, along with other urban areas of the Bluegrass and Nashville Basin, has an extraordinarily large population of very large trees that predate the settlement of the region. As the city grew, the woodland pastures that characterize the region were gradually developed, leaving behind groups of remnant trees. These trees are subject to the abuses of an urban existence and the population of large old trees is in steep decline. With few exceptions, they not being replaced with appropriate species. The ecosystem services provided by these huge trees, and their potential for mitigating climate change, are deserving of more attention in urban forestry planning and management.

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Charles Nilon, Ph.D.
Professor, Fisheries & Wildlife
School of Natural Resources
University of Missouri

November 2, 2016

"Urban Birds and Urban Habitats"

About his research:
Dr. Nilon's research considers the impacts of urbanization on wildlife habitats and communities. It also considers the role of nature as part of an individual's day-to-day environment, and environmental justice issues associated with access to nature.  My students and I focus on the ecology of nearby nature - the areas within one mile of where people live and work.

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