Sustainability Interns

Garrett Pieratt
Water Systems Working Group Intern 2015-2016 

Garrett Pieratt
Major: Information Communication Technology
Graduation Date:May 2016
Senior at the time of her internship
Mentor: Doug Curl, Kentucky Geological Survey

Independent Project Title: Waterwatch Database/Website
Description: Build a database to store the research data collected from the rain garden in a centralized location. Build a website to allow easy access to the data and the ability to add data through the web.

Outcomes: Developed a database to store the collected data and a website to interface with that data.

How has the internship influenced you or provided additional skills?
I initially applied for the internship because I wanted to do database administration. However, this internship taught me more about web development which ended up being a good thing. In fact, I am more interested in pursuing web development now than database administration, though my interests still encompass a wide range of IT related areas.

I definitely gained valuable skills. I learned a lot of technical skills related to web development such as coding in PHP, JavaScript, Dojo, and more. I also learned about building a website and database from scratch which was a valuable experience. I also improved at self motivating since I was mostly working by myself. 

What's next?
As I was pursuing a job in web development, I ended up finding a great internship doing technology security, something which really interests me and would give me valuable IT skills. I am currently working there, though I’m not sure yet which career path I will settle on.


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