Urban and Community Forestry Certificate
Charge: Investigating and implementing an undergraduate certificate in urban and community forestry at UK.  This planning group has researched related programs at other institutions, identified potential collaborators, outlined a program curriculum, and applied for funding to support the creation of this program.
Lead: Ellen Crocker, UK Forestry and Natural Resources / Forest Health Research and Education Center, Post Doctoral Scholar (Email: for further information)

Tree Campus USA 
Charge: Evaluate current level of involvement in the program; Develop an inclusive plan to increase UK’s involvement and recognition as a Tree Campus USA
Lead: Stacy Borden, UK Physical Plant, Arborist Senior (Email: for further information)

Adopt-a-Tree Program
Charge: Fine tune details of program; Develop a plan for implementation at multiple levels (UK, K-12, beyond)
Lead: Nic Williamson, UK Forestry (Email: for further information)

Education and Outreach 
Charge: Evaluate current level of education and outreach efforts addressing existing and emerging issues in urban forestry; Develop an inclusive plan to increase involvement on campus, in Lexington, in the Bluegrass Region, and statewide
Lead: Bridget Abernathy, Bluegrass Greensource (Email: for further information)

Research Seminar Series 
Charge: Investigate interest in and feasibility of developing a broad-based seminar series focusing on various attributes of Urban Forestry, targeting Fall 2015; Identify 3-5 potential speakers; Identify potential funding sources.
Lead: Lynne Rieske-Kinney, UK Entomology (Email: for further information)

Campus Landscaping & Education Project 
Charge: Identify means of increasing input (advisory and implementation) from the Urban Forest Initiative for current and upcoming tree-related projects impacting the campus community; maximize available expertise; identify a single near-future project in which the Urban Forest Initiative could contribute from conception to implementation.


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