2013 Environmental & Sustainability Research Showcase - Best Posters

3rd Annual Research Showcase
October 9, 2013
UK Student Center Ballroom

Graduate Category:

Leslie Hammond, UK Department of Plant and Soil Sciences
Compost Bedded Pack Dairy Barns: An Alternative Nutrient Management Strategy & Organic Based Fertilizer
Advisor: Mark Coyne

John McMaine, UK Department of Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering
Hydrologic Characterization of a Rain Garden Mitigating Stormwater Runoff from a Commercial Area
Advisor: Carmen Agouridis


Undergraduate Category:

Rachel Adams, UK Department of Civil Engineering
Sediment response to extreme hydrologic events in small disturbed watersheds: Implications for climate change
Advisor: Jimmy Fox

Adam Hancock, UK Department of Agricultural Economics
Augmenting Renewable Energy Output of Workout Equipment by Changing User Behavior
Advisor: Wuyang Hu


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