UK Sustainability Degrees & Certificates

Environmental and Sustainability Studies

Environmental and Sustainability Studies B.A. degree will provide students with an understanding, within the context of sustainability, of the relationships that exist between today’s global society and the natural world. The foundation of the ENS degree is a set of six interdisciplinary courses where students will obtain factual knowledge of environmental subjects in the humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, and policy. Throughout the ENS curriculum students will develop an ability to recognize, assess, and identify how concepts of sustainability can be applied to solve environmental problems and integrated into everyday decisions. ENS graduates will be able to utilize their expertise in sustainability and broad-based knowledge of environmental issues to pursue meaningful careers in a world where essentially every job is a “green job”.

Potential Career Opportunities include:

  • Urban and Regional Planning ("Smart Growth")
  • Environmental Justice
  • Green Businesses (Entrepreneurs and Managers)
  • Environmental Economist
  • Parks and Recreation Management
  • Sustainability Management
  • Environmental Historian
  • Communication Specialist

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Natural Resources and Environmental Science

Natural Resources and Environmental Science is an interdisciplinary program designed to provide students with the knowledge, skills, and field experiences necessary for a career in environmental science, natural resource management, and related fields or for further graduate work and training.  The curriculum is intended to provide exposure to a broad array of key disciplines which play a role in environmental research and natural resource management. 

Potential Career Opportunities include:
  • Pollution Monitoring, Control, and Prevention
  • Waste Management Specialist
  • Field Scientist/Technician
  • Conservation/Restoration Biology
  • Natural Resource Management
  • Environmental Education
  • Environmental Law, Policy, or RIsk Assessment
  • Sustainability Management
  • Wildlfe Biologist/Management
  • Soil Scientist

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Sustainable Agriculture

The Sustainable Agriculture Program provides a range of learning opportunities designed to immerse students in a world of sustainable agriculture. The program offers a flexible and interdisciplinary curriculum tailored to individual student interests with hands-on apprenticeship on a certified organic Community Supported Agriculture project. Students have an opportunity to expand their learning experience through internship opportunities with farms, organizations, and academic institutions across the globe. 

Potential Career Opportunities exist in:
  • Agriculture Extension
  • Community Food-based Non-profits
  • Farm Management
  • Environmental Educator

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