Food Systems Initiative

A portal to food systems research, teaching, outreach, and extension programs at UK

About Us

The mission of the Food Systems Initiative (FSI) is to be a catalyst for all aspects of food. As a cross-college group of faculty and staff, the FSI strengthens and creates University-level programs; provides leadership and support for various food-related scholarship at UK; promotes formal and informal education about food systems; and mobilizes resources to address food-related issues.

The Food Systems Initiative:

  • Promotes food-related educational programs and events and seeks to raise awareness of and interest in food-related issues on campus
  • Encourages research on food-related topics 
  • Provides opportunities for local, regional, and international engagement
  • Fosters linkages among UK, the Commonwealth, and institutions and peoples who are actively engaged in food-related issues.

Faculty Lead: Sarah Lyon, Department of Anthropology


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