Faculty Spotlight Jason Unrine

Jason Unrine

Faculty members from the University of Kentucky, Department of Plant and Soil Sciences have recently  received renewal of funding to participate in the Center for Environmental Implications of Nanotechnology (CEINT).  Jason Unrine, Paul Bertsch and Olga Tsyusko have participated in this center for nanoscale science and engineering funded by the National Science Foundation and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency since it was established in 2008.  The original funding period was from 2008-2013, but was recently extended to 2018.  This competitive renewal speaks volumes about the quality and impact of the cutting edge, fundamental research conducted by the center.  CEINT is a collaboration between scientists from Duke University, Carnegie Mellon University, Howard University, Virginia Tech, University of Kentucky, and Stanford University. CEINT was funded to explore the potential environmental exposure, biological effects, and ecological impacts of a variety of manufactured nanomaterials. CEINT performs fundamental research on the behavior of nano-scale materials in laboratory and complex ecosystems, probing all aspects of nanomaterial transport, fate and exposure as well as ecotoxicological and ecosystem impacts. Additionally, CEINT scientists are developing risk assessment tools to provide guidance in assessing existing and future concerns surrounding the environmental implications of nanomaterials. Broader impact activities supported by this award include development of innovative formal curricula in grades 9-12, outreach curricula with partner museums, and undergraduate research experiences. Unrine serves as the theme leader for cellular and organismal impacts and serves on the steering committee for the center.

Jason Unrine, Assistant Professor
Department of Plant and Soil Sciences
College of Agriculture, Food, and Environment
University of Kentucky
e-mail: jason.unrine@uky.edu
Web: http://www2.ca.uky.edu/pss/Unrine
phone: 1 859 257 1657

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