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About Us

The Sustainable Nanotechnology Working Group is an interdisciplinary group of researchers focused on environmental applications and implications of nanotechnology. Nanoscale materials are being extensively researched for use in sustainable technologies in diverse areas ranging from environmental remediation to agricultural production to energy generation, storage and utilization. At the same time, concerns are being addressed about the potential adverse effects of nanomaterials on humans and ecosystems due to intentional or inadvertent releases.
Faculty Lead: Jason Unrine


Activities and interests of the SNWG encompass several areas including:

  • Development of nanotechnologies for remediation of environmental contaminants
  • Development of nanotechnologies for energy generation, storage and utilization
  • Development of environmentally sustainable materials using nanotechnology
  • Life cycle analysis of nanomaterials
  • Research on the adverse effects of environmental and workplace exposures to nanomaterials in Humans.
  • Investigation of the biogeochemical cycling, transport and transformation of nanomaterials in the environment
  • Development of techniques for detection and characterization of nanomaterials in environmental and biological samples
  • Impacts of nanomaterial exposure on ecological receptors and complex ecological systems
  • Impacts of inadvertent nanomaterial exposure for agroecosystems
  • Reduction of environmental impacts of agriculture using sustainable nanotechnology

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