Planning for Livability and Sustainability

The Planning for Livability and Sustainability website offers a compilation of presentations, summaries, and lessons drawn from "Planning for Livability and Sustainability: Lessons of the Vancouver Achievement for Lexington and the Bluegrass," a workshop program held May 29-30, 2009, at the UK Boone Center. This event brought to the Lexington community three noted Vancouver movers-and-shakers to share their knowledge, insights, and experience in helping Vancouver, B.C. become a world-class city in less than twenty years. Lexington continues to teeter between being a small town and big city and similarly finds itself stuck between holding fast to the old politics of planning and downtown and suburban "development" and a new politics of collaboration, innovative planning, and qualitative improvement. The hopes and dreams of new and dynamic leadership in local government, business, and higher education dedicated to advancing an agenda for livability and sustainability similar to Vancouver's remains more promise than delivery. This website highlights some ideas and recommendations for how Lexington and Fayette County might move from conflict to consensus, study tours to policies and programs, from talk to action.

--Ernest J. Yanarella

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