Bluegrass Partnership for a Green Community - Green Star Program

Through the GREEN STAR PROGRAM, green practices will be introduced to the management staff and employees of lodging and restaurant facilities in the Bluegrass.A list of resources and information on green practices will be provided to any interested organizations to learn how to make changes in their behaviors or building to become as green as they can be.

These green practices will be grouped into four different categories, based on various factors such as effort and finances required.

Each facility will be recognized for every green practice they perform and be awarded a green star for fulfilling the requirements for each category.

Several facilities are already doing this & most easily qualify for a star, so GET RECOGNIZED by simply registering in the program!

>> Benefits of participating

  • Certificate of Achievement, presented at annual Green Breakfast* (immediately proceeds the Green Expo)
  • Star listing noted on reservations for FEI lodging
  • Company recognized in program and/or handout during FEI games
  • Marketing benefits
    • Logo provided for use on company’s website/materials
    • Recognition in Green Friends/PR materials for FEI games
    • Press release
  • Good Community Partner

***For two stars or more, company will receive a plaque to display their certificate

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