Geospatial Technologies Working Group

The Geospatial Science and Technology (GST) working group is an interdisciplinary campus collaboration of faculty, staff, and students concerned with research, teaching, and outreach in the fields of GIS, remote sensing, and GPS. For more information go to Geospatial Site.

Name Email Department
Tom Mueller Agronomy
Teri Dowdy  Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering 
Scott Shearer Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering 
Rodrigo Zandonadi Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering
Doug McLaren Forestry
Brian Radcliffe TFISE
Tom Shearin Horticulture
Ole Wendroth Plant and Soil Sciences
Carol Hanley TFISE
Dhananjay Ravat Earth and Environmental Sciences
Kim Daehyun Geography
Michael Kennedy Geography
Jeff Levy Geography
Jonathan Phillips  Geography
Lynn Phillips Geography
Mark Lauersdorf Modern and Classical Languages
Ernest "Ernie" Yanarella Political Science
Philip Mink Webb Museum of Anthropology
Christina Pappas Webb Museum of Anthropology
Brian Lee Landscape Architecture 
Zha Merkin Landscape Architecture 
Richard Levine Architecture
James Fox Civil Engineering
Ruigang Yang Computer Science
Jim Lumpp Electrical and Computer Engineering
Dan Carey Kentucky Geological Survey
Matt Crawford Kentucky Geological Survey
Doug Curl Kentucky Geological Survey
Michael Murphy  Kentucky Geological Survey
Gerald "Jerry" Weisenfluh Kentucky Geological Survey
John Ripy Kentucky Transportation Center
Douglas Steinke Pharmaceutical Sciences
Andrew Johnson  Health Services Management
Ralph Henselman University Engagement
Dave Elbon Information Technology
Kelly Vickery Libraries
Megan Poulette Forestry

Outside of UK

Name Email Affiliation
Bruce Davis EKU
Tyler Huffman EKU
Jeanne Biddle Scott Co Public School
Artie Janow Scott Co Public School
Paula White Scott Co Public School
Tim DeWitt  
Mike Greene mgreene@FMSM.COM  
Katherine Loving  
Randy Mercer randy.mercer@GMAIL.COM  
Glen Payne glen.payne@PSATG.COM  
Adam Pike acpike2@GMAIL.COM  
Tim Poindexter timp@QX.COM  
Jason Speck jgspeck@GMAIL.COM  
Alex Thor alex.thor@KY.GOV  
Mike Walls mwalls@INSIGHTBB.COM  
Mark Wiljanen Mark.Wiljanen@KY.GOV CPE
Demetrio Zourarakis demetrio.zourarakis@KY.GOV COT
Nathan Hamilton  
David Kaiser  


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