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The World is Coming to Kentucky!!
FEI Green Team - Greening the 2010 Alltech FEI Equestrian Games

... The Bluegrass Partnership for a Green Community will work to ensure that the Kentucky Horse Park becomes a “green” venue for the WEG....

In 2010, people from all over the world are coming to visit us and participate in the Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games. We need to be ready! The games will impact our environment, but we have an opportunity to soften that impact through the Bluegrass Partnership for a Green Community. The Bluegrass Partnership for a Green Community was formed in 2005 to bring people together to work on community environmental projects. There are 11 teams working on different projects and one of those teams is working to make the World Equestrian Games (WEG) “green”.

The WEG Green Team is working on improving water quality at the Kentucky Horse Park, among other things. The Cane Run Creek flows through the Kentucky Horse Park and has poor water quality. As activities are being planned for the 2010 Games, we have an opportunity to improve that water quality. We want to install native vegetation along the Cane Run and create a formal garden in the roundabout at the Horse Park’s entrance. With two growing seasons before the games, there is a chance for the plants in these areas to grow, flourish and exemplify Kentucky’s natural beauty for our 2010 guests.

To accomplish this ambitious goal, we need a lot of community volunteers. Some volunteers may purchase and donate plants for the Horse Park, while others may plant them. Local businesses or community organizations may sponsor sections of the stream, rain gardens or other gardens locations. We want to build kiosks that would describe the vegetation and how it benefits water quality. The gardens may also include benches or art from local artisans.

These projects are important to Kentucky. These projects will be a lasting legacy for the Kentucky Horse Park. The Cane Run watershed will see tremendous benefit from these features, such as reduced erosion on stream banks, pollution prevention from parking lot runoff, and enhanced stream habitat.

As a part of the Efforts, Green Team has launched various programs that lets the community involve and be an active part in protecting the Environment.

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